Carpet Drying Services El Monte

When your carpet has too much exposure to water, you need to contact our Carpet Drying Services El Monte office today to schedule an appointment. Our family-owned and operated business has had 15 years of experience in carpet drying. We know all the latest techniques that ensure a dry carpet in your home.

Determining the Type of Water that Infiltrated Your Carpet

However, it is important to recognize the type of water that has infiltrated your house and carpet. Black water that derives from raw sewage is the most dangerous and harmful type of water damage. Our technician needs to take special precautions if your carpet has been contaminated with sewage.

You May Need a New Carpet

Depending on the severity of black water damage, you may need a new carpet. Our technician will furnish you with a free inspection that determines whether it is worthwhile to try and save your carpet. If it turns out that you need to replace your carpet, our technician will advise you that it is impossible to clean your carpet.

Our company has an excellent reputation, and our certified technician makes sure that you know the truth about your water-damaged carpet. Call our Carpet Drying Services El Monte office today and schedule a complimentary inspection.