Water Damage Services Monterey Park

Water damage, be it from a flood or from something that occurs inside you home, can be extensive and can cause a great deal of harm to your home and your belongings.

There are many steps that are involved when restoring water damage; beginning with a thorough inspection of your property. Some of the things that are included in an inspection are the checking the type of water that has leaked in and the type of drying procedures that will be needed and used to get rid of the water. Water is usually extracted in two ways; evaporation or extraction. Water is extracted by power take off, direct drive truck-mounted extraction units.

Then, unsalvageable wet carpets and pads are removed. Next, if the water has reached the baseboards, they too, will be removed. The next step will be to protect your furniture and contents. Professionals will move your furniture and personal belongings to a safe area.

Most importantly, areas where water has caused damage will be isolated in order to create a drying chamber. In most cases, this can be accomplished by using a sheet to create a partition. Disinfecting is the next step. Often disinfectants are used and applied on affected surfaces.

Air scrubbing is then done to catch small matter that may be floating around; which could cause health problems later if not caught. Drying is the next step. Drying equipment such as electric heaters and axial air movers make this job go quicker and easier. Monitoring the drying process, carpet cleaning and furniture replacement actions; are other steps that are taken toward the end of the water damage process.

To conclude, water damage can cause a great deal of harm; however, water damage services Monterey Park can help lessen this concern.